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Help Us Find Israeli Security Interviewees!

JoeGutnick-300x272Pursuant to an original round of interviews which were featured in Faithful and Fortified Volume One (see trailer below), we will be conducting an additional 60 interviews with Israeli security, intelligence, journalists and government officials who had meetings and correspondence with the Rebbe about protecting Israel. These interviews are being made possible through an generous grant by Rabbi Yossel Gutnick, the Rebbe’s emissary for Shleimus Ha’aretz.

45 of the interviewees have already been identified and contacted, and 15 interview slots remain. If you have any tips or advice on specific individuals who should be interviewed for the continuation of this vital project, please email: ycagen@jemedia.org.

Please include as much information as you can about the individual you are suggesting we interview and all about his interaction with the Rebbe, including sources or links wherever possible. Please explain why you feel it would be important to interview him or her. If possible, please include his or her contact information.

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