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High School Girls Record Women’s Untold Stories of the Rebbe

5 July 2018

Over the last few months, girls from 24 English-speaking Chabad high schools and seminaries around the world have been interviewing their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, neighbors and friends about their stories with the Rebbe.

The grassroots project conceptualized by a group of Beis Rivkah seminary students, spearheaded by Leah Goldman, was started after realizing that not enough women were sharing their precious stories of the Rebbe. Together with JEM’s My Encounter project, Our Story aims to record hundreds of women’s stories via audio, otherwise untold, and share them with the world.

Hundreds of new stories were submitted and a few weeks ago, they launched a WhatsApp series for women and girls featuring a weekly story of the Rebbe.

Over a thousand women and girls have already signed up to the series and the feedback has been tremendous, with messages of appreciation received about how relevant and meaningful they are finding the stories.

We are pleased to present the first episodes of Our Story for women and girls.

Episode 1: Mrs. Shlomit Leinkram tells of the Rebbe’s warm attention to her as a six year old girl.

Episode 2: Mrs Chani Gurary speaks of some unexpected advice from the Rebbe about her life’s “occupation”.

Episode 3: Mrs. Tzippy Katz recalls a private audience that she had with the Rebbe. It was only years later that she began to realize the profound message that she had then received.

Episode 4: Mrs. Yehudis Brea relates how when she was a young girl her parents were unfortunately going through an unhappy divorce and she turned to the Rebbe.

To sign up and receive the weekly story or to submit a story, click here: http://bit.ly/MyEncounter-OurStory .